I'm a Five tool player Photography - Web - Video- Print - Illustration



My name is Romer Garcia, I'm a Multimedia Graphic Artist, yes, I know I just made that out, so let me elaborate.

I was fortunate enough to see the web evolve at the beginning of my career, HTML5 came out, CSS3 came out, social media exploded, video services exploded, websites started to look more and more like traditional media, photography for web finally had the quality we've only seen in magazines. So I learned very early in my career that just being good at one thing wasn't enough anymore.

All that forced me to learn traditional print design, video, photography, it also made me learn the brand new standards for web, grab all those ingredients, mix and match to get the best result.

Now as Senior Designer I concept and execute promotions, often times from start to finish. Initial concept, photo-shoots, retouching, processing of the final images, creation of deliverables... the list goes on.

And becasuse of all that, I 've been called a "5 Tool Player"

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